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The company

Lanza was founded in 1967 by Lanza Bruno, father of the current Managing Director Davide Lanza.
The idea basically started from the intuition of Mr. Lanza Bruno, who decidef to dedicate himself to the satisfaction of a very demanding customer, or "the housewife", intercepting this need at the time when there was no availability of accessories for the house. From there also the choice to adopt the image of the house within the company logo to represent in a clear and explicit way the target served.
He bouhht  an old van and started knocking house by house offering sponges, towels and brooms, trying to capture more and more the needs of the hostess, even starting to extend the offer gradually to small shops. 
And so it was that with the passage of time the van was no longer enough and the need arose to have more space to dedicate to the storage of goods, thus arriving at the beginning to create a small warehouse to guarantee continuity of supply.
The company
Since 1986, the sons Davide and Cristiano found themselves increasingly involved in the family business, each giving expression to their best professionalism soon found a place within the organization, welcoming the opportunities that this challenge made available.
Definitely the first step towards for an increasingly wide assortment that arises mainly for the distribution of household cleaning products, but which inevitably finds itself increasingly spaced also in the world of personal hygiene, a need expressed by customers followed and promptly intercepted by Davide Lanza. The implementation of an additional warehouse was therefore fundamental, up to the purchase of a warehouse owned by 10,000 m3, increasingly necessary for the storage of the 30,000 products that the company currently offers.
Davide today as a Managing Director deals with corporate management overseeing sales, purchases and other departments functional to them, while Cristiano deals with the supervision of the Logistics department.
The collaboration of the brothers was fundamental and fostered the growth of the business. In particular, the entry into a purchasing group made it possible to obtain advantageous conditions, this was possible thanks to the initiative of Davide Lanza and other consortium members of the same group. Thus came the first real gains that led to the construction of the new headquarters, creating new company departments (purchases, administration, sales force, back office, marketing, logistics and deliveries). 
Davide has also personally taken care of the selection and training of personnel and using the support of numerous consultants involved in the various areas of strategic business developments, thus favoring the development of new sales canteens abroad, of the points of sale owned by B2C Clean & Beautiful, proposing an increasingly punctual service also for new types of customers.
Customers increased, gradually ranging also internationally and their needs inevitably led to trying to provide the maximum assortment in the fastest possible time, something increasingly appreciated and consolidated for years as the strength of the service guaranteed by the Lanza family and its collaborators. Today there are many customers served, detergent houses, supermarkets, tobacco shops, institutions, communities up to the major players in the FMCG sector, traders, wholesalers and retailers around the world. 
The organizational evolution was therefore inevitable, to date Lanza serves more than 10,000 customers, has more than 50 employees engaged in all business sectors, sales, purchases, administration, marketing, back office and 4 logistics warehouses of about fifty thousand cubic meters used for processing and storage of goods. 
At the service of Lanza customers today are the Experts in Commercial Solutions & Beauty specialized mainly in customer consulting, using a catalog of over 30,000 products and services proposed, with the aim of ensuring the highest level of performance and an accurate selection of value offers increasingly targeted to the specific needs of each customer.
Lanza today buys from over 300 suppliers and since 2018 has become part of the C3 purchasing group, which brings together some of the most important distributors in the Wholesale and large-scale retail sector. The C3 Group also joins Forum, realizing together with the other partners about 10% of the Italian turnover of the Large Distribution.
  • 50,000 m³ OF WAREHOUSE
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