Buying guide

Browsing throught the product’s catalogue is possible at any time place in the "shopping cart" the item simply indicating the quantity and clicking on its icon “on the cart”. Just repeat the same operation to order another item.
 The selected product and the quantity is added to the basket and the total price in your cart will update. These data are visible on every page of the site, in a specific reserved area placed above the header image. By clicking on the shopping cart icon or "shopping cart" you can view the summary and enter to the payment area; This procedure can be cancelled anytime up to point 4).

 The steps to complete your order are as follows:

 1) Order summary: in this form, you can delete the items in your shopping cart or change quantities. The button "continue order" leads to the next step;

 2) Personal data: data are required to complete the order and issue the invoice. The data indicated by an asterisk must be filled obligatorily;

 3) Confirm order: all acquired data are summarized in a single table; in the table are also calculated and displayed the shipping costs according to the total amount of order and destination; if the displayed data are correct click "confirm order" and choose a payment option.
 The minimum purchase order must exceed € 164.00 without VAT - € 200.00 with VAT;

 4) Payment by credit card: the page comes directly from the Bank that recieve the payments from, the connection is encrypted with TLS technology (Transport Layer Security) and is totally safe. No credit card data is transmitted to the site. After entering the credit card data, clicking on the button "Pay", the order is executed and the site will send 2 e-mails to the address you stated at step 2:
 - a transaction banking e-mail;
 - an order receipt e-mail.

 Please note: the charge of the order on a credit card it isn’t immediately but takes place when accepts the order.

5) On you can pay with a bank transfer to the following bank:
 IBAN: IT78M0103011700000002497304

 It is necessary to specify in the bank transfer the order number assigned by the site. If you pay by bank transfer, the order’s date refers to the day that the payment is accounted by our Bank.

6) PayPal  payment
Follow were the steps of shopping cart you will arrived at : “spedizione e pagamento” (STEP 3). You have to select PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARD and confirm. You will be redirected to where, after completing the requested data, you can confirm the payment to LANZA COMMERCIO DETERGENZA SAPA.

We deliver orders within 4-5 working days from the date of purchase. If you pay by bank transfer, the date refers to the day that payment is accounted by our Bank.
It’s important to know that delivery times are calculated considering only the working days and thus excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
All shipments are treated with specific packaging.


 We accept credit cards from the following circuits:
 Visa, Mastercard, Cartasi, American Express, JCB.
 We accept VISA and MASTERCARD ELECTRON cards, such as POSTEPAY.
 The purchase process can be interrupted at any time without consequences.

 On you can pay with a bank transfer to the following bank:
 IBAN: IT78M0103011700000002497304

 The bank transfer have to be credited to the bank account of LANZA COMMERCIO DETERGENZA S.A.P.A. within 2 working days from the email that confirm the receipt of the order.
 Course in vain that term, the order will be automatically cancelled and will not be processed without any further communication by
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