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Davide Lanza | Owner - CEO

Lanza Commercio Detergenza is a Corporation that sells 30,000 national and international products for home cleaning and personal hygiene.
The company was set up over 50 years ago from an idea of my parents to sell house to house cleaning products and personal hygiene, hence a huge evolution.
From a logistical point of view, our company always managed the goods internally, but today it decided to delegate the management to organized logistics companies that guarantee the elasticity needed to be able to offer, to every type of customer, the volumes in the right time.
From an organizational point of view, evolution forecast several aspects: in relations with suppliers, the decisive step was the entry into a very large purchasing group in which the best players in the market are present.
The internal organization also underwent an incredible evolution: a sales consultant department has been created, a marketing department  was created, a back office department for the management of goods and an appropriate administration to manage every aspect.
Then there was the evolution from the point of view of sales channels: it was set up from the attempted sale, but then it became a wholesale that manages from small stores to large distributors, in Italy and in 50 countries around the world; then it opened specialized stores, the website and the supply of e-commerce.
For us logistics is essential: we are fast, we deliver all over the world, we load any type of vehicle and according to the best occupied spaces, we also deliver in disadvantaged areas.
We have our Experts in Detergency & Beauty Solutions, we provide continuous information through different channels, we systematically communicate the news that we include in our assortment and we look for the desired price at the manufacturing companies.
Documentation is also very important, we have dedicated employees for the creation of documents for export, then our sales consultants support our customers in tenders, so technical data sheets and safety data sheets are always available.
We can provide our customers who want to open outlets with the best assortment and help in building their best layout.
Our goal is to support each customer with the best service through our Experts in Cleaning & Beauty Solutions.
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