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The offered services

Lanza Commercio Detergenza aims at bringing to every customer in the world the detergent product they need.

It stands as a reference point for the distribution of hygiene and household cleaning products, personal care and beauty products, animal welfare products and household products to meet the needs of each consumer, increasingly attentive and demanding in their purchasing choices.
Lanza Commercio Detergenza ensures deliveries all over the world, in quick times to better favor the customers of the retailers, guaranteeing the availability of the products that make up the shelves of shops, supermarkets, detergent houses, tobaccos, fruit and vegetables, delicatessens, supermarkets, bazaars and pharmacies.
In addition, a careful and attentive research on international markets guarantees a wide and diversified proposal of always new and interesting products to be proposed to retailers, retailers, wholesalers,  traders, e-commerce, industries, services, entities, communities and specialized operators.
With this in mind and with these premises, Lanza Detergenza gathered within a unique catalogue the wide range of services offered,  with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of performance and an accurate selection of increasingly targeted value offers according to the specific needs of each customer. 
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