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What is sustainability for us?

We would like to underline how the concept of Sustainability, understood as Responsibility, is increasingly becoming part of Lanza's corporate strategy.
Essential value for all of us who are part of it. 
When we talk about Responsibility we certainly refer to the solutions that contribute to preserving the environment, but not only. Our primary objective is aimed at the well-being of our employees, a need inherent in our company DNA since the first years of the company's foundation.
We have therefore defined three pillars that are part of the macro categories People, Planet, Profit, basis for the definition of a responsible business strategy:


As part of its corporate policy, Lanza attaches great importance to motivating and developing the skills of its employees, together with encouraging deserving people, a fundamental responsibility of the company.
As our employees represent the most important value of Lanza, the company is implementing an ambitious program dedicated to the training and development of internal skills with the aim of fostering the professional growth of each one, supported by a continuous and transparent internal corporate communication policy.


Our sustainable proposal: we have selected for you a Sustainable proposal, dedicated to the product lines that respond to the needs of a prompt, attentive, informed consumer, increasingly looking for solutions that contribute to preserving the environment, respecting the people who live there.


Economic sustainability is usually defined as the ability to generate profits over time. For an entrepreneur it is an almost obvious aspect, but if there are no resources to pursue environmental and social goals, there are also no conditions for the definition of a sustainable strategy.
Our development is made up of small objectives that will help us over time to outline more and more clearly a strategy dictated by our choice of sustainability. The road that we are taking, and that we intend to share more and more with our customers, is therefore to look in time to a conscious choice by setting ourselves specific and intentional objectives.


Download the special catalog dedicated to Bio and Natural products for cleansing and for the person: >> YOUR RESPONSIBLE CHOICE <<
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